What are the different types of bandsaw blades?

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What are the different types of bandsaw blades?

Band saw is an essential tool if you work on lumbering, carpeting, metalworking, or something similar to this. These different types of bandsaw blades are used to cut different types of materials.

People get confused about which bandsaw blade they should buy for different purposes. So, today we are going to discuss six different types of bandsaw blades in detail.

Six different types of bandsaw blades

Below are multiple types of bandsaw blades you should know about. If you are looking for a perfect bandsaw blades beginner’s guide this is worth a read.

Regular tooth

This blade tool is used to cut metal, as it gives perfect finishing in woodworking. It has straight-faced teeth with very deep gullets between every blade. It is also known as standard saw blades, as it is one of the most popular blades for cutting softwood and is used in hardware.

Hook tooth

This blade has a hook-shaped tool and is used to cut any big or short material specially designed to cut heavy materials. It is helpful for non-ferrous metal and hardwood used to cut iron rods.

Diamond blade

This Diamond blade tool is used to cut different hard metals, wood. Other materials like brick, tiles, marble, ceramic, and much more can be easily cut through a thin diamond blade.

Variable tooth

Broach tooth variables are also called broach- tooth blades, usually divided into two types:

– Variable tooth blade

– Variable pitch blade

Variable tooth blade- This variable has deep gullets and different angles, which reduces vibrations and noise.

Variable pitch blade-This blade has different types of blade sizes and is used for various purposes like woodworking.

cutting a material

Skip tooth

This tooth blade has flat gullet and zero rake angles and is very similar to a hook tooth. It is a blade with which gives disturbance and never gives proper finishing after cutting a material.

Wavy tooth

This tool blade is an asset of band blade, used to cut pipes, tubing, and sheet stock. It is a very comfortable, simple machine with a wavy blade. It also doesn’t give a proper finishing in the material.

There are different cutting bandsaw blade present in the market which has different shape, size and uses. Before buying a bandsaw tooth, a person should make sure about its use and feature. We hope this article helped you to know about bandsaw blades.



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